Лисаната (the fox)

Лисаната or the The Fox has always been a very special theme for me. Not only it is part of Bulgarian folklore but I am the proud owner of lisanata.com (the fox.com) since 2006.

I did this illustration after a few months of sharing my garden with a very cheeky fox. She would come every night and stick her wet nose to the glass garden door and stare at me for a few minutes, then leave towards her midnight adventures. At the time we used to leave an old pair of rubber slippers outside for quicker and easier access to the garden. One night she appeared from the dark waterfront as usual, pressed her nose at the glass and looked at me.... After a minute or two she leaned down and grabbed one of the slippers in her jaws, looked at me and run off. I grasped, I couldn't believe my eyes. When I realised what was going on I opened the garden door and started running after her with my socks and pj's on. She got to the fence and realised she can't squeeze through with the slipper in her mouth. She had to drop it. I started giggling and walking towards her slowly. Then she squeezed through the other side of the fence without the slipper. Thought it was over and was laughing out loud when she stuck her head once more through the fence grabbed the slipper. Not sideways this time and left with it in the middle of the night towards the church yard. We haven't seen the slipper since.
A few nights later she came back. Stared inside for a bit. Turned her back and peed infront of my new garden bench. She was looking at me while doing it as if she was the one laughing this time round and left. "What I cheeky fox" I thought!