Bulgarian Cultural Institute Posters

Poster for "The month of the Francophonie" in Bratislava

Videojuicer Advert Animations

As a Design Director of Videojuicer I was asked to create amusing and tangible illustrations and cutout characters to represent Videojuicer's products.

Caveman at the cinema

This is the first animation of the series advertising Videojuicer's in-player shopping app. I have hired an actor with an American accent for the voice over to mimic a Silicon Valley video tutorial. The funny robot is acting as American Siri and all the facts are represented in a fun and joking manner.

Storyboards Caveman at the cinema

Caveman go to space

This animation is advertising Videojuicer's brand new selfservice. Upload your fideo file and fire your rocket with all the relevant products attached to your video.

Storyboards Caveman go to space

Cavemen discover social media

This animation is advertising Videojuicer's new self service social media in-player apps. Add one of these to your video and get all the caveman in Facebook land WOWing!

Storyboards Cavemen discover social media

The cavemen invent the mailing list

Advertising for Videojuicer's mailing list app. Add one of these to your video and get all the caveman on Earth informed on what are you up to in space!

Storyboards The cavemen invent the mailing list

Moscow Highlights

These are a few shots of my fascinating short trip to Moscow.

Videojuicer's cavemen and their friends

As Design Director of Videojuicer I was asked to Create Videojuicer’s branding. This included design directions and mood boards, web designs, web advert animations and illustrations, deck designs, business cards, wallpapers, mouse mats, Christmas cards. The characters shown here made it into Videojuicer's animations.


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Webdesign for Videojuicer.com with the new illustration and tangible brand identity. I have used paper background textures to give the website a more tactile, personal feel. I have also created a set of illustrations and characters that are fun and snappy - the users of Videojuicer's products and services. Some of those I have created out of 3D paper models to suit the rest of the brand identity.

Videojuicer.com work in progress

A small selection of videojuicer's work in progress web designs. The last two images show all the menu variations for the site. It turned out the menu was the hardest element to get right. At the end the company went back to the preliminary very subtle menu look.