Expulsion, imprisonment, physical beatings and the denial of educational and medical services are among the manifestations of the religious conformity in large areas of the Latin America.

It was during this same period that the Liberation Theology movement within the Catholic Church had come to exercise a major influence in Central America.

Liberation Theology is based on a "preferential option for the poor", and its proponents' involvement in the struggles of the poor and marginalised sectors of the population gave them common cause with the leftist revolutionary movements active in the region at the time. As a result, the Catholic Church came to be viewed by some as a dangerously "Marxist" institution.

Evangelical Protestant denominations were backed by the U.S. government and the (Ronald) Reagan administration to collaborate with the military dictatorships of the 1970s and 1980s and to combat anything that appeared somehow linked to communism in Guatemala.

You have to be shameless to be a Protestant," declared the cardinal of Guadalajara, Mexico,....."these sects are like flies that ought to be swatted with a newspaper."

Short animations for a documentary called Dying for Democracy. Senior animator Christian Krupa, Juniour animator Denni Bakardji.